Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Assignment 3 - Urban Nature

I decided to do the majority of my shooting for the Still Life project at my friend's uncle's ranch up in Boerne, Texas. This was the perfect assignment for me because it gave me yet another opportunity to photograph more busted, rusty junk which always makes me happy. This was the first assignment which I shot with the Olympus rental camera, and I was very happy with the resulting images and prints.

These two images of the rusty shack are some of my favorite images I've shot this semester. I stumbled upon this scene within the perfect 5 minute window of evening light. I love the contrast between the way in which the antique windows catch those last fleeting moments of day light and create such magnificent reflections, and the dilapidated, worn state of the building.

I really like the bulging wall and the deep brown shades in this image.
I was returning to the scene of a successful shoot from my beginning traditional photography class for this image. I was disappointed when I arrived because previously the wall and doorway were covered in racist graffiti and at some point in the past 4 months, someone had covered it up with white paint. I decided to shoot the doorway anyway, and was very pleased with the color quality I was able to capture from the patches of light and shadowed foliage.
Woah, check out this guy! Mr. Dead Deer Skull doesn't necessarily fit with the theme I had been running with thus far in the assignment from a visual or subject perspective, but I felt that he represented the general feel of the project as a whole. Especially the random chunk of flesh still hanging around the antlers.

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  1. these were shot at uncle mike's right?
    i kind of wish there was a wide angle shot of the entire building, ie something along the lines of walker evans. the top one is my favorite. it's kind of whimsical and unusual in it's representation of the decay.