Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Assignment 4 - Perspective

For this shoot I decided to explore the area around the Pearl Brewery for fun, industrial looking stuff and low and behold, it was everywhere! I found some recently built, very modern looking office complex which captivated me for a while because the walls had a beautiful, rusty quality (I'm kind of big on rust if this hadn't already been apparent) and I shot the exterior of the building until it started raining like no one's business. When I retreated to the interior of the structure, I came across some magnificent lighting features that rocked my world.

I really liked these two images of the lighting fixtures. For the first one, I positioned myself directly underneath the disks and laid on the ground facing upwards. For the second I found a staircase to the second story walkway and leaned over the edge to get as close as possible for a head-on perspective.

The last three images showcase the exterior texture and color of the building's walls. I love the way in which the first two wall shots have that strange fading-into-the-distance effect due to the shallow depth of field as well as the interesting texture on a single wave of the wall. The final image I took somewhat further away from the wall, focusing on the rough seal between the window and the wall. The window's reflection captures a piece of the massive construction site directly behind me and I find it interesting because it adds to a sense of directional confusion which unintentionally became a theme of this project.

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