Thursday, November 19, 2009

WOAH! It's Lulu's! For anyone not 'in the know,' Lulu's is the ultimate San Antonio glutton's 24 hours on Main St., offering 1 1/2 pound plate-suffocating chicken fried steaks, 3 pound cinnamon buns and just all around great comfort food. This place is so totally amazing that Shaq eats here when he's in town playing the Spurs.

Now this was one seriously pissed off duck. I was at Brackenridge Park with some friends when a duck came out of no where and started biting my buddy's shoe and chasing him around the park. I captured this image when the duck was attempting to intimidate us by flailing its head and tail around between attempts to devour our footwear.

Here's my buddy Patrick enjoying himself some Whataburger post-duck attack. I was attempting to catch him in the middle of the eating process.

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